A Brief History of the Past Year

At the point, I start writing on the blog it already passed more than a year since my journey begun. 

I have to admit, last year when I started to invest I wasn’t so sure where I am going with it. Now, as I wrote in the introduction I have specific goals I want to reach in a specific time-frame. 

It was quite a journey and I am saying it because I lost a lot, I earned a lot and most importantly, I learned a lot. There is a saying “you learn the most when you experience it yourself” and this applied to my first year of the journey to become financially independent. 

I started in September 2017 with 900 EUR invested in crypto. Luck combined with some study I ended up in December 2017 with about 6000 EUR. The only problem was that I have not withdraw all the money from there apart from 2000 EUR to cover some personal and business expenses (at that time I was building a SaaS product – more about this later). 
Then, as you may now January 2018 came and the crypto markets started to go down. My last withdrawal was in February of about 500 EUR. I still have about 400 EUR which I am not going to touch till the next bull run. Why? Because even I know the risk is high at the same time I know the potential of 5-10x is still there. 

I definitely don’t advice any of you to invest in crypto more than you are willing to lose. 

Between February and August 2018 I was only learning and searching for alternative ways of investing. In the meantime, I also handled my SaaS business and tried to get funding in order to scale, but failed to. Maybe for the best, as my vision for the business changed from thousands of customers to a couple of customers with 0 employees and minimum time invested in customer support. At this point, I don’t spend more than 10 minutes/month on an active customer once the setup was done. 

In August 2018 I’ve taken a leap of faith a deposited first 106 EUR on Mintos.com a peer-to-peer lending platform. 

In the next post, I will write more on my first P2P investment. 

I want to close with a couple of lessons I’ve learned over the past year:

  1. Never invest in assets that change their value by hour or day more than you are willing to lose.
  2. Don’t start a trade with a profit margin and a stop loss in mind. Execute it once the number is market. 
  3. Emotions are almost everything when it comes to trading. If you can’t master your emotions, don’t put your money in the game.
  4. Selling and negotiation are two of the most important skills when it comes to starting a business. If you don’t have them find a partener or hire someone. 
  5. Never stop learning. Read books. Listen podcasts. Watch Udemy. 

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