April 2019 Financial Report

Being very late, here I come with the financial report for the month of April 2019.

I am dealing with the house I bought back in October 2018 and still not yet wrote an article about it. Mainly because there is not a substantial result to show you, yet.

For April, I mostly waited to see how the portfolio performs without adding more funds to it. But I could not hold myself entirely and I added 200 EUR to Reinvest24.

Here you can check my last report if you did not see it, yet.

Below you can find the screenshot from Excel:

Columns explained:

Invested: the amount I deposited up till 1st of the month

Value: the account value at 1st of the month (deposits+bonus+interest)

Bonus: the amount from referrals when applied

Weight: % from the total portfolio

Return Amount: amount from interest from 1st to last day of the month

1M AR: one month annualized return

3M AR: 3 months annualized return based on the last 3 months

Funds Added: the amount deposited for the current month

Regarding the house I bought, it is still listed for sale. I had a tentative of selling but the person could not commit to it. At the same time is listed for rent but at a quite high yield compared to acquisition price and the other offers on the market.

I started to look into the stock market, but more about that on the May update. You can subscribe to the newsletter if you want to get my monthly updates regularly.

In addition, in April I published my first interview on the blog which is with Kuetzal Platform. You can read it here.

Now, let’s dive in:


The income is steady and I am pleased with the performance. All the payments were made on time so far.

Usually once per month, I am reinvesting the money into a new available loan and mostly targeting 17%+ loans for a period no longer than 12 months.

Don’t forget about my guide to Envestio. Also if you want to sign up with my referral link you get 5 EUR when you deposit the first 100 EUR and a 0.5% bonus for the next 270 days. Here it is.

I just want to say that I am not showing my results for the purpose of referrals but to keep myself accountable.


Same as on Envestio the income is steady and pleased with the performance.

I did make a deposit of 48 EUR to Crowdestor but only to have a straight number invested. Now, I am at 1100 EUR on this platform.

You can have a look at all the interest payments that come from Crowdestor this month:

Crowdestor Interest Payments


The payment made this month was on time. I am saying this because the last month payment had 1 day delay.

There is not much to say, as I only have 100 EUR on this platform and I am not planning to add more, yet. I observed that the loans that are 15%+ get funded extremely fast by pre-book investments. So, I recommend that if you want to use this platform create an auto-invest rule in order to get the best deals.


The situation on Grupeer is similar with Crowdestate because I only have a deposit for testing the platform. I just check if the payments are made on time and follow their newsletter for upcoming opportunities.


Being a new platform, everybody is a bit skeptical about it. I started to invest here 3 months ago. This month arrived the second interest payment right on time. It’s a loan with 19% interest which I do recommend.

I have seen they added another round for it at 19.5%. Velox Row-House it’s the name.

You can check the interview I have done with their CEO here. I will for sure add more funds when I decide to grow my P2P portfolio.

If you want to sign up for Kuetzal you can do it using my link which gives you a 0.5% bonus on your money.

Kuetzal Interest Payments


I added 200 EUR to Reinvest24 because I like the nature of their business. I am looking to find some platform where I can be co-owner in real estate. They are working toward that and have some good results so far.

I invested in a development loan and the repayment date is 31.10.2019 at an estimated interest rate of 15% per year. It’s a 6 months loan so it will be a 7.5% interest on that money.

Basically, this platform performs their deals into shares. For example, I bought 196 shares into the deal I invested. Each share has a value of 1 EUR.

Soon, I will make an in depth review of Reinvest24 on the blog.


During this month I observed that I hard to follow many platforms. Especially when you think about investments you must keep track of your time too.

I am well known aware that in the beginning, I am investing more time into finding out about the platforms and testing them out. But I am investing all this time with the purpose of finding up to 4-5 platforms to diversity in the long term.

I see this type of investment as a long term investments that makes payments to your account on monthly basis. Probably number 1 reason why I love it.

I want to mention that even if I relate to them as P2P these are not actually peer-to-peer investments. Personally, I keep myself away from loans to people and I much rather prefer to invest in business loans and real estate deals.

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