December 2018 Financial Report

After a long maybe too long vacation here I am to present you the numbers for the last month of 2019.

As you can see in December I’ve added a new platform to my portfolio, Crowdestor and I’ve got first returns from Envestio.

Below I will summarize my experience for each platform.

PlatformInvestedAdded FundsIncomeAnnual Return
Mintos198,6255.51,167,01 %
Envestio20003,420,4 %

“Invested” column is the amount I had on the first day of the month.

“Added Funds” column is the amount I added during the months.

“Income” column is the amount received by last day of the month.


The annual return is still below the interest on the loans I have my funds invested (12-14%) and this may be because about 27% of the funds are stuck in late payments. Where 8% of the total fund are stuck in a loan I invested myself in the beginning that does not have buy-back guarantee so I may carry it for a long time. I am even thinking of removing that from the report because it was a mistake.

One thing I realized is that Mintos does not offer stability in the interested paid monthly. It fluctuates from month to month while so far for the peer-to-business loans did not happen.

I am thinking to edit my auto-invest strategy for a longer term rather than keeping it to a max of 30 days.


First payment was made on time for both of the loans.

The downside is the number of loans they offer. For December there were only few loans available. I am looking forward to see how will they keep up with the demand in 2019.

So far they had a new tier for the project “Wind Turbine Farm” which was funded in less than 24 hours.


I invested 100 EUR in a loan with 17% annual interest with maturity in 9 months and on 9th January I should be getting the first payout.

They have a new project coming up in 4 days with 17% anual interest with maturity in 18 months. I think it’s a great opportunity if you would not need the money for tat period of time.

It’s good to know they don’t have buyback guarantee but they do invest between 2-10% in every loan made available on the platform.

This being said you may wonder if the 4-6 EUR income per month makes a difference. The amount, does not. But the fact I am testing the platforms helps when I decide to invest more in loans. The commitment of monthly investments to a platform helps in establishing a habit of investing.

I can’t say how much money I would invest in these platforms, yet. But there are people that have reached 100,000 EUR invested in loans.

My focus now is the real estate project I’ve got into. Hopefully by the end of January I will know certainly if I can modify the house I bought as I want in order to transform it into 4 x 1 bedroom apartments. Otherwise, I need to be flexible and find the best scenario out of it.

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