February 2019 Financial Report

February was an active month. I made deposits on 3 new platforms and on the existing ones.

The total amount of the deposits made in February was 1210 EUR calculated after I withdraw 90 EUR from Mintos.

I will have a summary for each platform but first let look at the numbers.

February 2019 Alternative Investments Results
February 2019 Alternative Investments Results

From this month on, I decided to post a screenshot from the Excel I am using to track my investments in order to be more transparent. Here are the results from last month if you want to check them.

This is my 3rd month of reporting and things are getting better.

Overall the annual return is down from last month but this is because of investments that start to pay only from the following month.

Usually on Envestio you need to keep your funds on the platform in order to be able to invest in a loan. It goes very fast. Just today a 500.000 EUR loan with 17.8% interest was filled in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

From March on I predict that the annual return will stabilize around 16.5 – 17%.

Crowdestate, Grupee and Kuetzal are the 3 new platforms I invested in this month.


In the last report, I started to write about why I withdraw my money from Mintos for now.

I am happy I, finally withdraw almost all the money from here. I’ve told you that the remaining 20 EUR are placed in a loan manually by myself that did not have buy back guarantee and I am stuck with it.

The returns for now are small compared with other platforms so I may not come back very soon.


Envestio is still one of the best platforms to be in. They offer buy-back guarantee and so far all the payments were done on time. You can read a how-to guide to Envestio here

As I said earlier the loans are fully filled extremely fast. You must deposit the money before any loan is made available in order to be able to place your funds.

I observed that usually they add 1-2 loans every week so keep an eye on your email, especially in the morning (GTM+2).


Crowdestor wants to keep up with Envestio and this month they added buy-back guarantee. You can read more about it here.

I only added 100 EUR this month to Crowdestor because I chose another platform for a much better performing loan. You can read more later.

I will keep an eye on here and will add funds once I see other loans with 18%+ interest.

I really appreciate the fact that they place a countdown of about 7 days for every loan that is coming on the platform.

Of course, payments were made on time here, too.


Crowdestate is a similar platform with Envestio and Crowdestor as they loan money to businesses.

I have been watching the platform for few months and decided to invest 100 EUR in the following loan:

Crowdestate Nord Company Loan
Crowdestate Nord Company Loan

The interest is paid monthly and the principal is divided in 3 payments, 6 months, 12 months and at the end of the term.

The first payment is scheduled for 20th March. Let’s see what happens.


Grupee is a similar platforms that has buy-back guarantee and the average return rate is 14.44% with over 23 mil EUR invested. It finances businesses and development projects.

Personally I invested 100 EUR into a development project with 14% and 11 months.

I did observe that deposits take longer than on the other platforms. Here is takes about 2-3 businesses days. While on the other platforms I have funds it’s a same day transfer if you make the transfer in the morning.

There are a lot of good reviews about this platform and I did give a try. The interest is not as much as other platforms but for now is a good alternative for Mintos.


Kuetzal, it’s probably the newest platform on this field. They do have a couple of loans that are not yet filled so somehow it’s an advantage over Envestio. But being new I can’t tell how reliable it is.

I did talk with customer service and they been very responsive. I chose to invest in a loan they already had another fully funded loan for that business.

Kuetzal Loan
Kuetzal Loan

It’s a 12 months loan with 19% interest. The loan has Kuetzal Care with basically means that Kuetzal will invest itself if the loan is not fully funded. For example the goal is 220.000 EUR but investors cover only 180.000 EUR till the closing date, Kuetzal will cover the difference of 40.000 EUR. It also has buy-back guarantee. It means that you can sell the loan at any time to Kuetzal with a 10% cost.

I will follow closely the platform as I would want to invest more but for now I consider 500 EUR enough for the trust I have into it.


That’s about it for this month. I was really late this month with the report but I am busy trying to buy some land where I want to place 2-4 wood cabins to rent out. I am looking to buy the land on action and it’s a bit complicated.

At the same time, I am renovating the house I bought back in October in order to sell it for profit. Hopefully, I will get it fully renovated from the contractor by Wednesday next week.

I have to write a post about the process of renovation, the costs and the profit. Will do it after the property is sold.

Till then, happy investing.

PS: if you have any questions you can email me at flavius.a.pop@gmail.com

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  1. Hello,
    I noticed that on Mintos you expect a 23.67% annual return. Is it a mistake or is it for real? How did you find such great loans?

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