November 2018 Financial Report

Here is my first report of my passive income. 

So far, I have money working for me on a single platform, Mintos. A full review about Mintos can be found here (unavailable)

As you may know back in September I bought my first investment property that will hopefully earn money by April 2019.  You can real more about it here (unavailable).

November was about discovering more P2P platforms where I can put my money and I also decided on another one, Envestio. Envestion is a peer-to-business loans platform and it offers returns from 17% to 22% as they advertise. On 30th November I’ve sent my first €100 in order to invest in two new project with 21% returns. My first surprize was the time of the transfer. In about 2 hours I had my money transferred from Revolut to my Envestio account. You can read more about Envestio and my first experience with them here. (unavailable)

Regarding the investment property, on 15th November I’ve got the green line from Mayor’s office and now I am waiting for the physical paper in order to proceed with the another necessary approvals in order to start renovations. 

Enough about November and let’s move to the numbers: 

PlatformInvested Added FundsIncome
Mintos €180 €20 €1.29
Envestio0 €100 0

“Invested” column is the amount I had on the first day of the month.

“Added Funds” column is the amount I added during the months.

“Income” column is the amount received by last day of the month.

Below can be found the screenshot from Mintos.

I want to mention Mintos does not charge any service fees or other fees from you. The 0.2 service fees that can I have seen are from the payment processor, Trustly that was added to the platform a few months ago. I used it because it transfers the money instantly. 

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