How-To Guide: Envestio

Invest with Envestio

About the platform

Envestio is a peer-to-peer lending platform which offers loans to private companies. It started as a private investment fund in 2014. On December 2017 it become public as a crowdfunding platform.

At the time of writing it has 14 completed projects (full payback of interest and principal to investors) and 45 projects funded. In those numbers are the project with more than one tier, too. Usually you can see if a project is funded it may appear the same project with tier 2. It would be great if Envestio would mention from the beginning the full amount needed and an estimate amount of tiers.

The interest rate is usually between 14% and 22%. This is the platform with the highest interest rate I have seen, so far.

The duration of the loans varies from 3 months up to 9 months in most cases.

A great advantage is that every month you get paid the interest on your investment and on the last payout you get the principal too. It’s great because you can reinvest the returns and make use of the compound interest.

How to create an account and add the first funds

1. On the homepage click “Register” or go here.

2. Fill up the information and click on “Sign up”

Envestio Registration Page
Envestio Registration Page

To add funds and start to invest you don’t necessary need to get verified. It is a requirement only when you want to withdraw funds. But I recommend you do submit the documents as early as possible.

3. Click on “Documents” from the menu.

4. Get ready your National ID/ Passport / Driving License. Picture them and upload it.

5. You need an utility bill or a bank statement as proof of your residence.

You don’t have to complete this process at once. You can return later when you have the necessary documents. The platform saves your process.

7. Once the documents are submitted the process usually takes up to 3 business days. To speed up I recommend you to send an email to to let them know you uploaded the documents.

How to add funds

The process is simple if you done any bank transfer in the past. Envestio does not charge any fees on deposit but you should check your bank fees on SEPA transfers.

I used Revolut to make the transfer and it’s free.

1. Go to “My accounts”.

2. Click on “Add funds” and “by bank transfer”.

3. Save the details and make the bank transfer.

The transfer usually takes about 1 business day. Depending from the country you send the money can take less or more.

Using Revolut should take about 4 hours if you make the transfer before 12 pm UK time.

How to invest

Once your account balance indicates the transferred fund (you get an email, too) you can make your first investment.

Go to “Investments” from the menu and you will see a list of all the opportunities with details about each of them. Once you click “Invest” you are directed to a dedicated page of that investment.

Envestio Example of Loan Page
Envestio Loan Page

Here you can see more details about the loan. If you want to see more about the project scroll down to the end of the page and click “Go to project page”

Voila! You made your first passive investment.

What now?

Simply, enjoy life. You don’t have to do anything at least until the first payout.

Go to “Dashboard” and you will see the repayment schedule of your investments.

Once a repayment is made you have to options:

  1. To reinvest into another loan and get the advantage of compound interest.
  2. To withdraw the money into your account. (2 EUR fee is applied if your withdrawn amount is smaller than 5 EUR, free else-way.

Important to know:

  • Minimum deposit is 100 EUR
  • There are times when no opportunity is available. It is important to have the money in your Envestio account to place them straight away when the opportunity appears.
  • When a new opportunity is listed you get an email in about 1-2 hours.
  • The first payout is made to your account after 1 month of the day you invested.
  • If you want to withdraw an active investment a 5% fee is applied.
  • Check your account on the repayment day to use the fund for other investments.

Notice: if you sign up with my referral link you get 5 EUR at the first deposit of 100 EUR and 0.5% “timespan” bonus for 280 days. You get 0.5% of your invested amount by the end of the month. Payout of the bonus is made until 5th of the month.