Who am I?

My name is Flavius and I am 23 living in Romania with my wife. I started my journey to financial freedom in September 2017. 
Using this blog I want to document my journey to financial freedom in order to inspire others in doing so. 

What is my financial goal?

My initial target is to get to 1500 EUR/month which is basically the income my wife and I need in order to stop worrying about a job. 
My second goal is to reach 3000 EUR for a better stability and the possibility to increase my investments monthly without the need of work. 
Of course, my ultimate goal would be 10k EUR/month.

What is my time frame?

By the time I turn 30 I want to be at least half way towards my ultimate goal. I plan my initial target to be reached by 2021, that is 2 years from the date I write this. 

What will the blog be about?

The blog will contain multiple materials such as personal reflections, platform reviews, recommendations and so on. My purpose is to document this journey and share it will like-minded people with the purpose to help and inspire.  

Now, I encourage you to set you goal and get to work. 

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