January 2019 Financial Report

Last month I took the decision to get out from Mintos for now. I have an explanation below.

First, let’s look at the numbers from January:

PlatformInvestedAdded FundsIncomeAnnual Return
Mintos249-1501,838,82 %
Envestio2003003,5621,36 %
Crowdestor1002523,01*36.12 %

“Invested” column is the amount I had on the first day of the month.

“Added Funds” column is the amount I added during the months.

“Income” column is the amount received by last day of the month.


Based on my experience with Mintos since 2nd August 2018 I decided to get out from it for now.

I want to make clear the strategy I followed here. I had an auto-invest strategy in loans with due date of max 30 days and interest 12%+.

In my case most of the loans have not been paid on time. Multiple loans reached 60 days guarantee when they were paid. So, the buy-back guarantee defensively works.

I don’t like the inconsistency. I want my investments to pay me on monthly basis and so far I can’t rely on Mintos for that.

I would like to give it a try to longer term loans because things could be different here. But for know there are platforms that offer you 15%+ interest rate and I will focus on them.

I am withdrawing the money as soon as they become available. So far, I withdraw 150 EUR in January and another 20 EUR just yesterday.


The most important thing is the payments were made on time in January, too. This convinced me to add more funds. I increased my investment with 200 EUR in January but only invested them yesterday when a new project was released (4months – 16% interest). So the return from that will only be visible in March.

I do plan to increase my investment in Envestio to 1,000 EUR this month. Let’s see how it goes.

I am happy they added 10 new projects/tiers in January with interests over 16%. But, I am curious if we will see other projects with interest above 19% as we have seen in the past.


The payment on the first loan I invested was made on time. I even got interest on the loan I invested in January which usually does not happen for Envestio. This is also from where the extreme ROI comes in the table.

I made an investment on a project on 10th Jan and already received interest on the 23th. (17% loan for 18 month with principal starting to be paid from 6th month)

Right now they have a very tempting project for 2 years at an interest rate of 19.5%

Crowdestor Coming Soon Project

I do plan to increase the funds on Crowdestor to 1,000 EUR but I am not yet sure if with this loan. 2 years seem a bit long to risk with for now.


From the experience I have now I can say that peer-to-business lending is much more serious regarding the relationship. So far all the payments were made on time.

I do plan to try out another peer-to-peer lending platform but I am not sure which one yet as I am looking for at least 14% rate of return.

This month I received 8,40 EUR in total. In Romania you can actually have a very good meal with the amount.

It’s a long way until financial freedom but we shall not despite the small beginnings.

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