July 2019 Financial Report

This month, I started to recalibrate my financial portfolio and I am withdrawing my money from a few P2P platforms.

Before we dive into this month report you can check my last month report if you did not see it, yet.

Did you check my last blog post where I talk about my 1st real estate deal? If not, you can enjoy it here.

Below you can find the screenshot on P2P portfolio from Excel:

July P2P Portfolio

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In addition, in April I published my first interview on the blog which is with Kuetzal Platform. You can read it here.

Now, let’s dive in:


  • All the payments were made on time and I another repayment, too.
  • One loan was offered and I invested the interest payments.
  • I withdraw 235 EUR from the repayments I had. Mostly, I am doing it because of the lack of new projects. For now, I am moving the money yo my stock portfolio.
  • Don’t forget about my guide to Envestio. Also if you want to sign up with my referral link you get 5 EUR when you deposit the first 100 EUR and a 0.5% bonus for the next 270 days. Here it is.


  • Steady income. Everything paid on time.
  • I had the first repayment and it was done on time.
  • A great number of new projects.


  • Payment on time
  • As of 12th August I sold my loan on the platform and withdraw the money. The reason is the amount I had on the platform. Is counterproductive to keep only 100 EUR on a platform.


  • Payment on time.
  • I will withdraw my money once the loan comes to maturity for the same reason I did it on Crowdestate.


  • All payments made on time.
  • Despite being a new platform I did not have any issues so far. I strongly recommend it.
  • They have multiple loans with a great interest rate.
  • I have some money sitting here because they have a 100 EUR limit when it comes to investing in one project.
  • You can check the interview I have done with their CEO here. I will for sure add more funds when I decide to grow my P2P portfolio.
  • If you want to sign up for Kuetzal you can do it using my link which gives you a 0.5% bonus on your money.


  • Nothing new.
  • I invested in a development loan and the repayment date is 31.10.2019 at an estimated interest rate of 15% per year. It’s a 6 months loan so it will be a 7.5% interest on that money.

Stock Portfolio

If you want to get detailed information about the platforms I use please check the previous 2 months report.

For now, I have my account on Trading212 and Degiro. I very much like Trading212 because of the interface and they allow me lower fees on US dividend stocks but the issue is they don’t have listed every public company so I am forced to use Degiro.

Degiro lists an exchange at a time so you can have access to any public company of the listed exchange. But they are extremely rigid and customer service is awful. It takes about 2-3 days to get a reply while on Trading212 you can chat 24/7.

If Trading212 would have a monthly fee to access all the public companies on an exchange I would pay it.

I still hold my ALR position in Romania and still on profit as the price is 10% over where I bought. But I sold my IRM position on the spike at the beginning of August because I did not want to receive the dividends on Degiro with 30% tax.

For information on the stock portfolio will be in August financial report.

2 thoughts on “July 2019 Financial Report”

  1. HI

    On the trading212 platform, are you able to buy US stocks without leverga e in Romania for example so not like CFD and do you receive dividends?


    1. Hi. I am able but only if I register with my UK address. As far as I remember you also need a bank account. I use Starling.

      Regarding dividends, yes you receive them if you buy the real stock. Unfortunately for the ones that register with Romanian address they can’t have access to real stocks. I assume because of regulations.

      Also Trading212 let’s you fill up the W-8BEN form as Romanian even if you have fiscal residency in Romania while on Degiro you must have residency, fiscal residency and bank account in the same country you register with.

      I like Trading 212 more than Degiro but for the moment they don’t offer some of the stocks I am looking at.

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