June 2019 Financial Report

June was the first month I felt that P2P is really becoming a passive income stream. The only activity I had was to move some money from Envestio to Crowdestor and invest it into a new loan (21% interest rate).

Apart from this, I did not worry at all for my P2P Portfolio.

I was much more into learning about stock trading and reading annual reports. I am also looking for an internship opportunity in this direction. So, if it happens to know something about it in Cluj, please let me know.

Before we dive into this month report you can check my last month report if you did not see it, yet.

Did you check my last blog post where I talk about my 1st real estate deal? If not, you can enjoy it here.

Below you can find the screenshot on P2P portfolio from Excel:

P2P June Portfolio

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In addition, in April I published my first interview on the blog which is with Kuetzal Platform. You can read it here.

Now, let’s dive in:


  • All the payments were made on time and I had my second repayment too.
  • They did not add any new loan this month and I don’t enjoy it. If, I was not moving some money to Crowdestor, I would have money sitting.
  • Don’t forget about my guide to Envestio. Also if you want to sign up with my referral link you get 5 EUR when you deposit the first 100 EUR and a 0.5% bonus for the next 270 days. Here it is.


  • Steady income. Everything paid on time.
  • They are listing new projects almost weekly and I very much like the heads-up they give before the release. Envestio can do something like that too.


  • Payment on time
  • I don’t follow the platform as much. I receive emails from them and that’s how I see they added new projects.


  • Payment on time.
  • I will withdraw my money once the loan comes to maturity to place them on a better platform.


  • All payments made on time.
  • Despite being a new platform I did not have any issues so far. I strongly recommend it.
  • They have multiple loans with a great interest rate.
  • I have some money sitting here because they have a 100 EUR limit when it comes to investing in one project.
  • You can check the interview I have done with their CEO here. I will for sure add more funds when I decide to grow my P2P portfolio.
  • If you want to sign up for Kuetzal you can do it using my link which gives you a 0.5% bonus on your money.


  • Nothing new.
  • I invested in a development loan and the repayment date is 31.10.2019 at an estimated interest rate of 15% per year. It’s a 6 months loan so it will be a 7.5% interest on that money.

Stock Portfolio

June is the second month I am invested in the stock market. So far I did not do anything new. I am only studying and optimizing for lower fees.

I am going to change from Degiro to Trading 212 because on Degiro I have 30% fees on dividends as they don’t allow you to fill up the W8-Form if your residency, tax residency and bank account are not all in the same country.

By submitting the W8-Form your tax on dividends goes to 10%. I was able to access it via Trading 212 which so far I recommend especially because they have live chat any time of the day. They also have low fees.

To know regarding Trading 212:

  • for Romanians, they don’t accept ID card as identification. You must have a passport.
  • Open the account with the currency you will most likely use to buy stocks otherwise they have conversion fee. I opened an account with USD because I am looking to buy US stocks rather than European stocks for now.
  • Romanians can open an account but in order to trade real stocks, they need to have residency in one of the supported countries. Otherwise, they can trade only CFDs.
  • They offer deposit via wire transfer and credit card. But, if you want to deposit using Revolut Card you won’t be able because Revolut will revert the transactions. There are some merchants that are not supported with Revolut Card (financial securities brokers and dealers, foreign exchange bureaus, unmanned petrol stations). I successfully sent money commission free via bank transfer using Revolut.

Updated Excel on the stocks I have(prices from 11/07/.19):

Stock Portfolio June 2019

On the first column is the currency. Right now, I have stocks from Romania and from the United States.

As you can see I received my first dividend which feels nice. It was a $1.83 but with a 30% tax rate I was left with 1.28. But from the next one, the was will be 10% thanks to Trading 212.

If you have more questions regarding any tool/platform I use you can address them in the comments below.

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