March 2019 Financial Report

This month I consolidated my position on Envestio and Crowdestor. I reached almost 3k EUR funds invested and I would like to pause for 2 months to analyze results. Afterward will decide where I would want to increase my portofolio.

The total amount of the deposits made in March was 800 EUR.

Below you can find the screenshot from Excel. It did suffer some updates that will explain below.

Peer to Peer March Portfolio Update
Peer to Peer March Portfolio Update

Columns explained:

Invested: the amount I deposited up till 1st of the month

Value: the account value at 1st of the month (deposits+bonus+interest)

Bonus: the amount from referrals when applied

Weight: % from the total portfolio

Return Amount: amount from interest from 1st to last day of the month

1M AR: one month annualized return

3M AR: 3 months annualized return based on the last 3 months

Funds Added: the amount deposited for the current month

Apart from Peer 2 Peer lending this month I finalized the renovation work on the apartment I bought 6 months ago and I listed it for sale. By the time this is published, I had couple of visits but not a serious buyer or offer.

I have created a 360 virtual tour and I am exited about it. I am considering selling 360 virtual tours as a side hustle. I am preparing to test the idea on April.

Virtual tour:


This is still the top platform I recommend investors to get in. So far no delayed payments or other issues.

This month they had couple of loans with interest over 17% with the highest one at 19.85%.

If you want to get into a loan you must deposit funds before the loan is listed.

Stay with the eyes on the email every morning around 8am – 10am.


So far every payment was made on time.

This month I made my largest investment in a single loan. A 600 EUR investment into a project with 19% for 9 months. Waiting to see how this evolves.


On Crowdestate I had the first payout and the first delay. It was only 1 day but it was a delay.

I am waiting to see how it goes the following month.

I did not interact with the platform so much. I only have 100 EUR for testing it out but one of the good things is that you can sell the investment at any point you want to other investors.


Grupper for now seems alright. The payment was made on time which I am happy.

The interests are smaller than other platforms but I see it as a great replacement for Mintos.


The first interest payment arrived and it was made on time.

I am preparing an interview with them. I have sent the questions and I am waiting for reply. Will be back with a new blog post on it. Hopefully this month.

Kuetzal Payment Plan
Kuetzal Payment Plan


From my side P2P investing seems very accessible after couple of months. It is very easy to manage and make new investments. I like it so far, but I still have the question of trust. How reliable is this for the future? Are we going to have these platforms and this interest in couple of years from now?

Currently I am researching new investment opportunities and I am planning to enter the Romanian Stock Exchange with about 2000 EUR for the dividend season. I will update this as things move forward.

This month I was trying to buy a piece of land on auction where I wanted to build 2-3 wood cabins to rent them on Airbnb. I’ve sent an offer for about half of the price to the bank but they called yesterday with a rejection. So, I will wait couple of months and if nobody buys the land will send the offer once again.

In the meantime, I try to sell the property I have in Oradea, Romania and at the same time I listed it to rent as an office. That would be a 10-11% annual return. Will see what happens the coming month.

Let me know if you have questions.

2 thoughts on “March 2019 Financial Report”

  1. The virtual tour of your property looks good. Best of luck with selling it for the good profit. Most of my investments through P2P platforms are the same as yours. They are actually the best on the market at the moment. If you have more available money, Mintos is good as well. Recently I can see quite few loans at 14,00 % which is a good return. Have a look on my review:

  2. With €3000 invested in P2P and returns of €28 on the month – what is your gross hourly wage for investing in P2P?
    I have invested in P2P for years but if I was to have paid myself €5/hour for all of the time I’ve spent on it I’d have earned more than I did from P2P.

    Not saying that you shouldn’t invest in P2P – I still do and it’s fun and enjoyable but don’t ignore the value of your own time!

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