September 2019 Financial Report

With a delay of almost 2 weeks here I am with the report for the past month.

The primary reason I delayed writing the report was that I wanted to give you a proper update on the real estate. I encountered an up-side-down change but more about it later.

Before we dive into this month report you can check my last month report if you did not see it, yet.

Did you check my post where I talk about my 1st real estate deal? If not, you can enjoy it here.

Here is the screenshot on P2P portfolio from Excel:

Peer to Peer Lending Returs
Peer to Peer Lending Returs

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Back in April I published my first interview on the blog which is with Kuetzal Platform. You can read it here.

Now, let’s dive in:


  • All the payments were made on time and another repayment, too.
  • In September they did publish some loans but nothing in October, so far.
  • I withdraw another 217 EUR and my account value at this point is around 300 EUR.
  • My plan regarding Envestio is to add another 200 EUR to my account and invest the account value of 500 EUR in a maximum of 2 loans with interest over 17%. Based on the repayment calendar another principal at half December and will be investing all available fund then. The rest after another repayment in February 2020.
  • Don’t forget about my guide to Envestio. Also if you want to sign up with my referral link you get 5 EUR when you deposit the first 100 EUR and a 0.5% bonus for the next 270 days. Here it is.


  • Steady income. Everything paid on time.
  • A great number of new projects.


  • Payment on time.
  • Waiting to close the account whn the principal is repaid on 27th November 2019.


  • All payments made on time. So far so good.
  • I did see some awkward projects on which I could not find reliable information only, so please make your own due diligence when choosing which loan to back up. This would be available for any platform you use.
  • You can check the interview I have done with their CEO here. I will for sure add more funds when I decide to grow my P2P portfolio.
  • If you want to sign up for Kuetzal you can do it using my link which gives you a 0.5% bonus on your money.


  • Nothing new.
  • I invested in a development loan and the repayment date is 31.10.2019 at an estimated interest rate of 15% per year. It’s a 6 months loan so it will be a 7.5% interest on that money.
  • Looking forward to repayment date so I can withdraw my money. I don’t like the high fees and it’s counterproductive to keep the low amount. But I like the fact that you have a stake in the project rather than a simple loan (the investments that pay rent).

Stock Portfolio

The main platform I am using for trading is Degiro. I don’t really like it but for now, it is the best in terms of market accessibility.

You can open an account with Degiro here. Most important to know is that you need to have the residency and the bank account in one of the countries they operate.

Here is a screenshot of my transactions from my Excel:

Excel Stock Market Results
Excel Stock Market Results

Here you can see my revenue chart for September from

Stock Market Revenue Chart
Stock Market Revenue Chart

I very much fall in love with the stock market and fundamental valuation. Since this month I also got a job as a financial analyst and I am investing more and more time here.

Real Estate

First rent was paid on time and I can definitely say that it feels good.

My construction plan for building another floor failed, or much better said, I cancelled it. The whole month I was waiting for the first real estimation from the construction company. The estimation came at around 51k EUR which is absurd. But even if we would change some structural things it can’t go below 40k EUR.

My expectation was somewhere around 30k EUR but with a 35 to 60% increase, the project is no longer an opportunity. Considering renovation time, changing tenants and other unexpected events I decided to let it go.

I am disappointed because it changed my plans, but there is nothing else I can do apart from learning from the experience. Now, I definitely know much better what to look for when I am on the market to buy real estate that can be expanded.

The market right now is too expensive to buy something else. Especially the new apartments, but I still have an eye on the listings.

Recommended Readings

This month, I enjoyed this book: The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Program to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence, and Happiness. I dare to stay that is the best book I’ve read in the past year, maybe even in the past two years. It’s practical and its application is multidisciplinary.

Romanian friends can find the book translated here: Paradoxul cimpanzeului. Programul de management al mintii.

These interviews are priceless: Ivey Interviews & Notes

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